Royal Air Force Cosford

Royal Air Force
February 1955 to July 1956
60th ANNIVERSARY 1955 - 2015

Royal Air Force St Athan

14th, 15th 16th February 2015

Reunion logo designed by Reg White

February 2015 saw the 60th anniversary of the 24th Entry of Boy Entrants 'signing on' at Royal Air Force Cosford.

A Reunion to commemorate the anniversary took place over the 14th to 16th February 2015 at the Park Inn Hotel, Telford. All 'boys' who spent time training with the 24th at RAF Cosford or RAF St Athan were invited, as were their wives / partners.

The main events were: Reunion Dinner on Saturday 14th. Remembrance Service, visit to the Cosford Aerospace Museum and buffet supper on Sunday 15th. The reunion concluded on Monday 16th with a Tour of Cosford, including visits to the avionics and mechanical engineering training hangars, followed by Lunch in the Fulton Block.

Thanks are due to Reg White, Air Radar, who did most of the work in organising the reunion, assisted by Fred Watkins, Air Wireless and Tony Skinner, Armourer. We are also grateful to Group Captain Adam Sansom, Officer Commanding Royal Air Force Cosford, who made it possible for us to spend time on the Station.

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PHOTOGRAPHS: Thanks to Doug Thomson,Tony Skinner, Fred Watkins and Reg White who have provided photographs used in this report.