1 and 2 Squadrons, 2 Wing

Telegraphist, Cook, Air Radar
Royal Air Force Cosford
February 1955 to July 1956

3 and 4 Squadrons, 2 Wing

Air Wireless, Ground Wireless
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The 24th at Cosford
This section of the web site is about Royal Air Force Boy Entrants of the 24th Entry and their training at Cosford. In July 1956 Boy Entrants of the 24th completed their training in the trades of Air Radar Mechanic, Air Wireless Mechanic, Ground Wireless Mechanic, Cook and Telegraphist.

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As We Were Pictures and memories from 1955 - 56 at Cosford.
As We Are Some recent photographs of the 24th.
Roll Call List by trade of those in the 24th who completed their training at Cosford.
50th Anniversary Report
s of 50th anniversary reunions in 2005 and 2006.

The Move of Part of the 24th to St ATHAN
The 24th Entry commenced training at Cosford in February 1955 and included boys accepted for training as Engine, Airframe, Instrument, Electrical and Armament Mechanics. In August 1955 these trades moved to Royal Air Force St Athan. Content about those boys who completed their training at St Athan is included as a separate section of this web site
. Click here for St Athan.